Stunning city views and an impeccable experience
Minori Japanese Restaurant
If you are looking for an entertaining evening, choose our live Teppanyaki and Tempura stations and feast your eyes on the delicious flavours sliced, diced, sizzled and served right in front of you. Dine in and savour the rich delicacies of sashimi, sushi, and the taste of culinary goodness.

Minori is one of the finest Japanese restaurants in the heart of Colombo. Located at the top of the Grand Bell Hotel with a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline. We offer the best combination of authenticity, fine dining and exceptional culinary art.

Immerse yourself in an authentic Japanese culinary experience as you savour some of the best and most delicious dishes at Minori.


Minori Food Menu
Opening Hours
Lunch : 12:00 - 15:00
Dinner : 18:00 - 22:00